Aug 20, 4:12 am Global Times

Chinese search giant Baidu reports stronger-than-expected quarterly revenue

Chinese search giant Baidu reported quarterly revenue that beat analysts' estimates on Monday after market close.

Aug 20, 4:08 am KrASIA

Nio and Didi may merge their autonomous driving businesses

Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio’s founder Li Bin and China’s largest ride-hailing platform Didi are conducting negotiations to merge their autonomous driving businesses, Tencent’s online news portal reported on Monday, citing people close to the matter. Tencent is an investor of Nio.

Aug 20, 4:06 am YiCai

Bytedance takes controlling stake in Baike, Baidu's online encyclopedia rival

A subsidiary of Bytedance Technology, the Chinese company behind the popular short-video app TikTok, has become the legal controller of China's second-largest encyclopedia website Baike, business data platform Tianyancha reported referring to newly amended business registration documents.

Aug 20, 3:57 am Caixin

Tencent to open Honor of Kings to third-party developers, AI research

Tencent’s wildly popular game Honor of Kings will allow players and third-party developers to design their own heroes, maps and storylines in a bid to encourage more people to use its development software, Tiangong, and boost the three-year-old game’s vitality, the company said Sunday during an event in the southern city of Shenzhen.

Aug 20, 3:55 am TechNode

Douyin and TikTok rake in $11.7 million in user spending in July

Short video app Douyin and its overseas version TikTok grossed a total of $11.7 million through in-app sales of virtual coins in July, increasing by 290% year-over-year, according to mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower.



P2P Sharing economy Model of Freight Logistics O2O Platform

The application of Didi's business model to the field of freight logistics, with truck drivers on one side and customers in demand on the other, seems to have great prospects.

Updated in March 28, 2019

Community group buying is about to break out? The Great Battle of Thousand Regiments Begins

Community group buying is a behavior of shopping and consumption in real residential communities. It relies on a regionalized, small-scale and localized form of group buying in real communities. Consumption stimulation has a significant effect on the marketing of shops which promotes the regional reputation and reputation of shops.

Updated in November 20, 2018

Unicorn Club, an unlisted company valued at more than $1 billion

Entry criteria: 1. Private equity investment without listing; 2. Enterprise valuation exceeded $1 billion (listed companies have been gradually excluded)

Updated in November 21, 2018

Start-ups that provide programming and IT education for teenagers

With the tide of the Internet, programming education should start with dolls. What start-ups are offering programming and IT education to teenagers?

Updated in November 21, 2018

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530 million USD
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Series F
450 million USD
Artificial Intelligence
Series C1
2000 million CNY
Series A
Hundreds of millions CNY
Series A
Tens of millions USD